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                                                   Every single moment you are writting the story of your life .                                                                                                                        what story do you Desire ?

                            This life is not a journey to the grave with the intension of arriving safely on earth.

                                                                                   “WOW WHAT A RIDE” 

It is te greatest journey you are living beyond . At the end you will look back and realize that there is no back to comes . There is no income . A world is a looking glass it gives back to every men and true reflection of his thoughts .

                                                               “AS A MAN THINETH IN HIS HEART ; SO IS HE “

This reality is all illusion . There is no reality but a reality created within ourseleves . If we want to change our experience we need to change the world . If we want to change the world it starts with changing of our lifes . This universe is the masterpiece of bundles and we are the “DESIGINERS” .

                                                                       “RULE UR MIND OR IT WILL RULE YOU “

There is no point living for the future if you dont know how to live know . This movement is all you truley have because happiness is not a destination but a better life . It is not an another place but this place ; Its not for an another era but for this era . A travel for creating a better future is countened in a present movement you create a good future by creating a good present . So do not worry , Do not complane , Accept the thing as they are . That things are good . Make the present movement , the focus of ur life . 

                                                                                     “THIS IS JUST A RIDE”

That can make your mind control . “THINK SIMPLY,LIVE SIMPLY” . There is nothing in this world which can trouble you as much as your own thoughts .                     

                                                         “OVER THINKING IS MISUSE OF UR IMAGINATION”

It will create problems that when you name . Do not worry . Do not stress and lastely , Remember that life can only be understood backwords but it must be lived first . No one says its going to be easy , trust universe and surender to it , let it go , this journey is yours and you are a learner . 

                                                                           “HAVE FAITH IN UNIVERSE “