Learn to “BE ALONE”

Sucess can be a Lonely Road . It can be a Tough Road . It can be Hard Road . It’s not for Everyone . Those who follow other like Sheep will never know who they truly are . Only those who follow their own path can discover their true Potential . Those who fly alone have the strongest Wings . Those who walk alone have the strongest Direction . The will always be IN NEED of others for their survival . they will always need a attention , need recognition to survive .i am at peace alone needing no attention ,no recognition and still i thrive . i m not saying those who have support are weak , i m not saying you must go at it alone to gain strength . this is just for those who have fought battels alone . tose who have felt like they don’t fit in , those who have never had support in any thing they do , all of those who feel no one belives in them you don’t need them to believe in you “if you believe in you” . you don’t need their support if you’ve your own back . the best part is when you truly live the life you want to live . when you speak your truth . when you embrace who you are then you gain real respect, and real love . people love those who have the guts to be themselves . those who have the courage to follow their heart .why its rare ? because most people wish they could do the same . “show them the way , keep going , believe in yourself “ . it will all come good in the end , and when it dose , you won’t have only inspired yourself to be more , you will have inspired so many others .