Every single movement you are writing the story of your life .

                                                       What story do “DESIRE” 

This life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely on earth . 

                                                         “WOW WHAT A RIDE “

It is the greatest journey you are living beyond . At the end you will look back and realize that there is nothing to come . There is no income . A world is a loking glass it gives back to every person a true reflection of his thoughts . 

                                           “As a person think in his heart so he is “

This reality is all illusion . There is no reality but a reality created within ourselves . If we want to change our experience we need to change the world . If we want to change the world it starts with changing of our own life . This universe is the masterpiece of bundles and we are the designers . Rule your mind or it will rule you . There is no point living for the future if you don’t know how to live now .